New family, One mission

Combining the capabilities, expertise and state of the art facilities of our team to provide a single source to support all of our clients testing, inspection and certification needs.

New family, one mission

The RMA Family of Companies are committed to service, innovation, and the success of our clients. We are a nimble, but a strong organization and come together as a loyal team of diversified minds. We have a passion for high-end services, constant innovation, and investment in the development of world-class laboratory facilities and interactive management technologies. Get to know our family of companies below.
Big Apple Group logo

Big Apple Group

Hicksville, NY
Founded in 2015, Big Apple serves the needs of contractors, private companies, and public agencies throughout the eastern United States. With offices in New York and New Jersey, Big Apple employs leading experts in quality assurance/quality control programs, monitoring, inspections, and testing. Big Apple’s monitoring platform offers advanced optical scanning, vibration, tilt, sound, and settlement monitoring services for the remotely monitoring of projects and the surrounding buildings, and consulting to mitigate damages from construction impacts.
A3GEO logo

A3GEO, Inc.

Berkeley, CA
Founded in 2010, A3GEO applies science and engineering to efficiently resolve client-driven issues relating to the earth. From foundation design to geo-risk assessment, A3GEO provides practical technically-advanced answers that reduce risk, add value and promote sustainability. A3GEO has specialized expertise identifying, characterizing, communicating and mitigating geohazard-related risks associated with groundshaking, landsliding and liquefaction. We apply this expertise in planning, project and consulting environments, where we help clients manage seismic and geologic risks in ways that are scientifically, technically, socially and financially sound.
A.J. Edmond Company logo

A.J. Edmond Company

Long Beach, CA
A. J. Edmond Company (“A.J. Edmond”) was established in 1965 and began providing sampling and analytical services to Petroleum Refineries and Solid Fuel Brokers. A.J. Edmond provides inspection, sampling, and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory testing for producers and resellers of solid fuels and petroleum byproducts that are used in the production of critical materials and other industrial markets. Using state-of-art mechanical sampling systems and analytical laboratories, A.J. Edmond specializes in the analysis of raw materials such as petroleum coke, coal, and carbon. A.J. Edmond’s team of scientists and technicians operate out of three highly accredited laboratory facilities strategically located adjacent to major ports in Long Beach, California; Concord, California; and Longview, Washington.
C Below logo

C Below

Corona, CA
C Below specializes in one-stop investigation and location of metallic and non-metallic underground utilities such as electrical, communication, water, gas, and sewer lines using state-of-the-art equipment. C Below core services include subsurface utility mapping and depiction and vacuum excavation, as well as the location of reinforced steel, post- and pre-tensioned cables and conduits in concrete and masonry structures, providing timely, cost-effective, safe construction solutions.
CSI Services logo

CSI Services, Inc.

Santa Clarita, CA, 2004
Coating Services and Inspection, Inc. provides consulting, testing and inspection of industrial coatings and linings of all types to industries from water and wastewater to petrochemical, power, and transportation. CSI’s commitment to efficient, cost-effective, quality service, meticulous inspections, precise surveys, and advance testing has positioned it as one of the most respected consultants in its field, and a protector of people, property, and the environment.
Enviro-Drill logo

Enviro-Drill, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ, 1955
Enviro-Drill pioneered drilling services for professional consultants in Arizona and New Mexico, overcoming difficult site conditions while observing strict operating practices and code adherence for environmental projects including well sampling, installation, monitoring and abandonment. Enviro-Drill’s 66 years of experience and familiarity with regional subsurface conditions and commitment to staying ahead of new technology and requirements has grown demand for its services throughout the Southwest.
GeoTest logo


Bellingham, WA, 1993
GeoTest was founded in 1993 as an engineering corporation in Washington State and has grown to meet the needs of its clients from project design and construction through completion. GeoTest provides environmental, geotechnical, construction inspection, materials testing, and building science services to commercial, private, municipal, industrial, and petrochemical clients, offering services from multiple disciplines under a single contract and providing constructability insights and innovative solutions.
Northwest Geotech logo

Northwest Geotech, Inc.

Wilsonville, OR, 1983
Northwest Geotech was founded to provide geotechnical engineering, environmental assessment, construction monitoring, and materials testing services to public and private clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, including municipalities, developers, architects, and engineers. Over the last quarter century, Northwest Geotech has successfully completed more than 8,000 public projects including streets, highways, light rail facilities, landslide investigations, parks, schools, as well as commercial and industrial projects.
PRI logo


Tampa, FL, 1990
PRI is a national and global leader in materials testing and performance, specializing in asphalt technology and building science. Its three divisions – PRI Asphalt Technologies, PRI Midwest, and PRI Construction Materials – provide independent third-party testing, inspection, certification, and other technical services to the asphalt, building materials, chemical, construction/infrastructure, and energy markets. Its team of scientists work with companies worldwide on product research, development, analysis, approval, and improvement.
RMA GeoScience logo

RMA GeoScience

Sun Valley, CA, 1997
For more than 25 years, RMA GeoScience has been at the literal foundation of California’s largest and most ambitious construction projects. Its veteran geoscientists provide expert analyses, guidance, and solutions to contractors, municipalities, transportation agencies, utility providers, and healthcare systems. Today, companies, contractors and agencies rely on RMA GeoScience for expert geological and environmental engineering, construction materials testing, and stormwater management services.
RMA Group logo

RMA Group

Ontario, CA 1962

Established by Richard Mills and E. Duane Lyon in 1962 as Richard Mills & Associates, RMA Group established a sterling reputation based on six decades of quality, service, integrity, expertise, and hard work. Now part of RMA Companies, it’s becoming a leading national provider of professional services in environmental consulting, geosciences, materials testing, inspection, and certification for critical infrastructure and the built environment.
SiteScan logo

SiteScan Subsurface Imaging, Inc.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 2016
SiteScan is a leading provider of high-tech GPR, concrete scanning, potholing, subsurface imaging, electromagnetic location, and hydro excavation services, using advanced, non-destructive methods to provide better vision through hard surfaces like concrete, soil, and asphalt. SiteScan helps clients prevent unexpected setbacks in construction projects, work safely, and avoid costly damage to existing infrastructure, partnering with companies to plan and execute projects efficiently and securely.
Western Technologies logo

Western Technologies, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ, 1955
A pioneer in materials testing in Phoenix, AZ, Western Technologies, Inc. now provides expert geotechnical, materials testing, environmental and non-destructive testing services to clients throughout the Southwest. Its 67-year history of professional expertise and commitment to sustainable development of the communities it serves includes projects for the University of New Mexico, Las Vegas resort casinos, the Solana Generating Station, and Sky Harbor International Airport.